Art Depo Studio is a market leader in Ukrainian web development. We are also one of the biggest developers of websites for real estate in Ukraine - residential complexes, shopping centers, development companies.

We design beautiful websites, but we do not pursue beauty for the sake of beauty. We place a high value on simplicity, ease of use, conversion to sales, and other targeted actions.

With our help, you will be able to attract new customers, increase sales, and automate company tasks.

You can trust us with the creation of your brand and business - from naming and logo design to creating a website and fine-tuning your sales funnel.

We enjoy our work and are constantly improving.

Art Depot in numbers

Human brains are fascinated by numbers. Years of experience prove that the studio is reliable and time-tested. The number of completed projects indicates that employees have been working hard for all these years. We have a great number of satisfied customers, which shows how enjoyable it is to work with us. That last figure is surprising and provides dynamism.
Years on the market
If unofficially -
then more.
(Maybe even 18)
Completed projects
This is the average figure for the market.
Actually, they did not count.
Maybe more
Satisfied customers
Of these, 270 are happy,
28 are satisfied
and 2 are undecided
The maximum speed of the platform
with a rocket engine.
(We just love trains)
Lets work together?
We like to work on interesting projects, and we sure your project is just that!
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